What's new

23rd April 2006

  • Added page about Eclipse 29th march 2006 in Egypt

    20th February 2006

  • Weblog no longer in frames

    18th February 2006

  • Finally removed the two tellers that created scripterrors and popups.

    10th October 2005

  • Some minor adjustments

    9th October 2005

  • Added page about Eclipse 3 october 2005
  • Link to weblog added
  • Now it's possible to me (javascript)

    24th October 2004 - Planet Mars v1.0

  • Pictures holiday in Germany, Cranes, Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft online
  • Pictures holiday in Spain made by Bert added

    17th October 2004 - Planet Mars v1.0

    Some major changes have been made:

  • Frontpage changed
  • Pictures holiday in Spain online
  • Pictures holiday in Valsavarenche, Aosta, Italy online
  • MarsCam page offline again
  • Eclipse2001 page changed (pictures travel compagnons offline)